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Scientific name: Sphyrna zygaena
Common name: Smooth hammerhead shark
Phyulm Sub Phylum Class Sub Class Order Sub Order Family Sub Family Genus Species
Chordata Vertebrata Chonrichthyes Elasmobranchi Carcharhiniformes Not Defined Sphyrnidae Not Defined Sphyrna Sphyrna zygaena


Short Description:

The most distinguishing characteristic of this shark, as in all hammerheads, is the 'hammer' on its head. The shark's eyes and notrils are at the tips of the extensions,Smooth-edged slanting triangular teeth.Rear edge of pelvic fin straight

Size: 3 m and the maximum weight 100 kilograms 
Behaviour: This shark is often seen during the day in big schools, sometimes numbering hundreds. They are not considered dangerous and are normally not aggressive towards humans. 
Diet: This shark feeds primarily on fish such as sardines, mackerel and herring, and occasionally on cephalopods such as squid and octopus. Larger specimens may also feed on smaller species of shark such as the blacktip reef shark, Carcharhinus melanopterus. 
Distribution: It is found in warm temperate and tropical waters, worldwide 
Depth: It can be found down to depths of over 500 m but is most often found above 25 metres 
Habitat: Coastal pelagic
Similar Species:
  • None on database

Database Statistics
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Photographer Date City Area Dive site Temp Size Depth Camera Photo Video
Lloyd Edwards-(Port Elizabeth) 2007-12-22 Port Elizabeth Algoa Bay (PE)-Port Elizabeth General Coastline 16 1000mm 1m Nikon D200 photo
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eastern cape scuba diving