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Scientific name: Schizoretepora tesselata
Common name: Smooth lacy false coral
Phyulm Sub Phylum Class Sub Class Order Sub Order Family Sub Family Genus Species
Bryozoa Not defined Gymnolaemata Not defined Cheilostomata Ascophora Reteporidae Not defined Schizoretepora Schizoretepora tesselata


Short Description:

The colony consist of upright plates that are loosely connected and punctured by irregular spaced holes, giving it a lacy appearance.Zooecia oval,with four long spines around the orifice,although these spines are usuallyevident only in young zoocia.Dotted around on the surface of the colony are isolated avicularia ,which have triangular " beaks' and resemble tiny barnacles

Brighter orange than the Reteporella lata (Scollaped lacy false coral) and with smooth edges
Size: Colony 40-120mm in diameter
Behaviour: Forms delicate brittle colonies 
Diet: Filterfeeder 
Distribution: Luderitz to Port Elizabeth
Depth: 1-100m
Habitat: Rocky reefs 
  • Two Oceans
    (A guide to the marine life of Southern Africa)
    GM Branch;CL Griffiths;ML Branch;LE Beckley 
Similar Species:

Database Statistics
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Photographer Date City Area Dive site Temp Size Depth Camera Photo Video
Johan Swanepoel-(Port Elizabeth) 2009-10-03 Port Elizabeth Wildside (PE-WS)-Avalanche 13 300mm 22m Canon Powershot G10 photo
Juan Snyman-(Port Elizabeth) 2009-04-18 Port Elizabeth Wildside (PE-WS)-Scotsmans Reef/Moonie 17 300mm 19m Fujifilm Finepix F50fd photo
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eastern cape scuba diving