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Scientific name: Parablennius pilicornis
Common name: Ringneck blennie
Phyulm Sub Phylum Class Sub Class Order Sub Order Family Sub Family Genus Species
Chordata Vertebrata Actinopterygii Actinopterygii Perciformes Blennoiidei Blenniidae Not Defined Parablennius Parablennius pilicornis


Short Description:

Body with up to 9 dusky bands above and dark spots below; sometimes pale with irregular dusky marks; 2 dark bands on underside of head; pectorals pale to dusky pale in color; dorsal fin dusky or with many spots.No tentacles on top of the head but above the eyes.Tentacles consist of several filaments arising from a broad base.Overall colour can be brownish or pale grey

Dorsal spines (total): 11 - 12; Dorsal soft rays (total): 18 - 24; Anal spines: 2; Anal soft rays: 20 - 25. 
Size: 13cm
Behaviour: Mostly bottom dwelling species
Diet: Feeding on a mixed diet of algae and benthic invertebrates
Distribution: Western Indian Ocean: Natal to Knysna in South Africa. 
Depth: 25m 
Habitat: Occurs in rocky shores, often at steep walls of surf-exposed sites
Similar Species:
  • None on database

Database Statistics
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Photographer Date City Area Dive site Temp Size Depth Camera Photo Video
Juan Snyman-(Port Elizabeth) 2008-04-30 Port Elizabeth Algoa Bay (PE-AB)-Kraal 17 80mm 12m Olympus SP550UZ photo
Juan Snyman-(Port Elizabeth) 2008-10-01 Port Elizabeth Algoa Bay (PE-AB)-The Haerlem Wreck (1987) 16 80mm 16m Olympus SP550UZ photo
Juan Snyman-(Port Elizabeth) 2008-06-25 Port Elizabeth Algoa Bay (PE-AB)-Kraal 18 100mm 11m Olympus SP550UZ photo
Juan Snyman-(Port Elizabeth) 2008-06-11 Port Elizabeth Wildside (PE-WS)-Fort Raggie 16 100mm 12m Olympus SP550UZ photo
Quinton Andrews-(Port Elizabeth) 2010-04-18 Port Elizabeth Algoa Bay (PE-AB)-Shark Gully 110mm 16 12m Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR photo video
Riaan Rossouw-(East Londen) 2010-04-04 East Londen Sunrise-on-Sea (EL)-Kwelera Nature Reserve 17 70mm 3m Panasonic DMC FX10 photo
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eastern cape scuba diving