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Dive Type: Boat Dive Depth: 18m - 26m Diver Qualification: Advanced Diver

Crossroads out from Noordhoek, about 1 ½ km South to South West. The dive spot is part of the Chelsea peninsula which seems to extend out past Suicide Reef to what is known as the Chelsea dive area  and is one of the best of the deep dives.

Crossroads is in this area and was named due to the distinctive gouged out gullies which criss crossed the rock bottom, resulting in many dive-able and interesting gullies, caves and pinnacles.

The fish life is normally very active with many of the well known Eastern Cape reef fish as well as the ever shy seasonable Geelbek. Pyjama shark and other small species seem to enjoy this area and can be found packed in amongst the red bait pods and crevices.

 A variety of rays have also been recently sighted and even a loggerhead turtle? An unusual visitor to this region.

The hard coral, ferms, brittle starfish and just the general colours are outstanding and the reef has withstood the ski boat anchors remarkable well.

Certainly a great spot, with plenty of surprises.

Unusual fish sightings are of special interest on this site.

Noordhoek ski-boat club
Specie List for Dive site: (PE-WS)-Crossroads
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Acabaria rubra (Multicoloured sea fan)
Acanthistius sebastoides (Common koester)
Adeonellopsis maendrina (Brown pore-plated false coral)
Alcyonium sp (Flame coral)
Alcyonium variabile (Variable soft coral)
Allopora nobilis (Noble coral)
Anthopleura michaelseni (Crevice anemone)
Anthopleura sp1 (Pale long-tentacled anemone)
Anthostella stepensoni (Violet spotted anemone)
Apletodon pellegrini (Chubby clingfish)
Argobuccinum pustulosum (Pustular triton)
Astrocladus euryale (Basket star)
Astrocladus euryale-1 (Albino basket star)
Atrina squamifera (Horse mussel)
Atriolum marinense (Orange-tubular ascidian)
Austrofromia schultzei (Granular starfish)
Balaena glacialis (Southern right whale)
Bicellariella ciliata (Eyelash moss animal)
Bonisa nakaza-1 (Gas flame nudibranch)
Boopsoidea incornata (Frans madam)
Bornella adamsi (Dragon nudibranch)
Bugula dentata (Dentate moss animal)
Calliaster baccatus (Cobbled Starfish)
Capnella thyrsoidea (White cauliflower coral)
Ceratosoma ingozi (Ink pot nudibranch)
Chromodoris heatherae-4 (Halo red spotted dorid)
Chromodoris sp3 (Domino dorid)
Chrysaora sp (Frilly mouthed jelly fish)
Chrysoblephus gibbiceps (Red stumpnose)
Clathria dayi (Broad-bladed tree sponge)
Clinus venustris (Speckeld klipfish)
Comanthus wahlbergi (Common feather star)
Congiopodus torvus (Smooth horse fish)
Cuthona speciosa-1 (Green candy nudibranch)
Dermatobranchus sp1 (Wide ridged nudibranch)
Ecklonia radiata (Spined kelp)
Eleutherobia sp (Golden-stem soft coral)
Epinephelus marginatus (Yellowbelly rockcod)
Flabellina capensis (White edged nudibranch)
Fusinus ocelliferus (Long-siphoned whelk)
Galeicthys feliceps (Cape white catfish)
Gymnothorax johnsoni (White spotted moray eel)
Haliclona oculata-2 (Orange encrusted turret sponge)
Haploblepharus edwardsii (Puffadder shyshark)
Haploblepharus fuscus (Brown shyshark)
Hypselodoris capensis-1 (White cape dorid)
Hypselodoris capensis-2 (Cream cape dorid)
Ircinia sp (Nodular cup sponge)
Janolus capensis (Silvertip nudibranch)
Leminda millecra (Frilled nudibranch)
Madrella sanguinea (Bloody Madrella)
Myriothela capensis (Dreadlock hydroid)
Noumea sp2 (Edged noumea Dorid)
Ophionereis dubia (Y-Striped brittle star)
Oplegnathus conwayi (Cape knifejaw)
Panulirus homarus (East coast rock lobster)
Parazoanthus sp (Sponge Zoanthid)
Petrus rupestris (Red steenbras)
Phakellia sp (Grey fan sponge)
Plagusia chabrus (Cape rock crab)
Plocamium corallorhiza (Coral plocamium)
Podoclavella spp-3 (Orange choirboys)
Podoclavella spp-4 (Green choirboys)
Polyamblyodon germanum (German seabream)
Polyclinum clarum sp (Clarum ascidian)
Poroderma africanum (Pyjama catshark)
Pseudactinia varia (Mauve false plum anemone)
Pupillaea aoerta-2 (Spotted manteled keyhole limpet)
Pupillaea aoerta-5 (White camo manteled keyhole limpet)
Queubus jamesanus (White sock sea spider)
Tambja capensis (Black nudibranch)
Tsitsikamma spp (Tsitsikamma sponge)
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