eastern cape scuba diving
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Dive Type: Boat dive Depth: 4-16m Diver Qualification: Open water

Short Description

As the name indicates you will find lots of yellow belly rock cod on this strech of reef. Average depth of 16m with wide sandy bottom gullies and walls going up for 4m.

As the reef flattens out deep crevises and broken rock starts where these shy fish hide. Big ferns with brittle starts picking up nutrients as the water passes down the gullies.

A huge variety of anemone, nudi's, reef fish and the odd ray. A few raggies have also been spotted on this popular reef.


Reference :  http://www.africanwatersscuba.com/

Specie List for Dive site: (JB)-Rock Cod
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Acabaria rubra (Multicoloured sea fan)
Acanthistius sebastoides (Common koester)
Agelas mauritiana oxeata (Pocked cup sponge)
Alcyonium variabile (Variable soft coral)
Allopora nobilis (Noble coral)
Amalda obtusa (Obtusa olive snail)
Amblyrhynchotes honchenii (Evileye Puffer)
Anthopleura sp1 (Pale long-tentacled anemone)
Anthostella stepensoni (Violet spotted anemone)
Astrocladus euryale (Basket star)
Atriolum marinense (Orange-tubular ascidian)
Austrofromia schultzei (Granular starfish)
Boopsoidea incornata (Frans madam)
Calliaster baccatus (Cobbled Starfish)
Capnella spp (Grey cauliflower coral)
Capnella thyrsoidea (White cauliflower coral)
Chaperia spp. (Scrolled false coral)
Cheilosporum multifidum (Arrowhead coralline)
Chelidonichthys capensis (Cape gurnard)
Chrysaora hysoscella (Compass jelly fish)
Clinus superciliosus (Super klipfish)
Comanthus wahlbergi (Common feather star)
Distaplia skoogi (Snowball ascidian)
Gargamella sp (Warty nudibranch)
Haliclona oculata-2 (Orange encrusted turret sponge)
Haploblepharus fuscus (Brown shyshark)
Henricia ornata (Reticulated starfish)
Isozoanthus capensis (Cape zoanthid)
Janolus capensis (Silvertip nudibranch)
Korsaranthus natalensis (Candy-striped anemone)
Malacacanthus capensis (Sun burst soft coral)
Octopus vulgaris (Common octopus)
Plagusia chabrus (Cape rock crab)
Podoclavella spp-1 (Blue choirboys)
Podoclavella spp-2 (Yellow choirboys)
Poroderma pantherinum (Leopard catshark)
Pseudactinia flagellifera (Red false plum anemone)
Pseudactinia varia (Mauve false plum anemone)
Pseudodistoma africanum (Toadstool ascidian)
Pupillaea aoerta-8 (One coloured manteled keyhole limpet)
Reteporella lata (Scollaped lacy false coral)
Sabellastarte longa (Featherduster worm)
Sparodon durbanensis (Musselcracker bream)
Spheciospongia sp (Vagabond sponge)
Tethya spp1 (Light coloured golfball sponge)
Trididemnum cerebriforme (Brian ascidian)
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eastern cape scuba diving