eastern cape scuba diving
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Dive Type: Boat Dive Depth: 12-18m Diver Qualification: Openwater Diver

One of the many dive spots on the extensive Mark 4 Reef A delightful "open water 1" dive site. 

Mark 4 Safepoint is a shallower reef, max depth of 18m with a  sandybottom and rock outcrops. Main features of the reef are the cave, an archway and a swimthrough with a hole in the roof.

Many fish tend to gather on this reef. Most notably the Red Steenbras and Dageraad, both of whose numbers have been severely depleted due to over fishing. Bronze Sharks, Dusky Sharks and an occasional Raggie have been sighted on and around Mark 4.

There is purple seaweed and good coral growth but not as plentiful as on the deeper reefs. A torch is recommended on the dive to see into the numerous caves.
Noordhoek ski-boat club
Specie List for Dive site: (PE-WS)-Mark 4 Swimthru
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Allopora nobilis (Noble coral)
Anthostella stepensoni (Violet spotted anemone)
Astrocladus euryale (Basket star)
Austrofromia schultzei (Granular starfish)
Calliblepharis fimbriata (Eyelid-weed)
Ceratosoma ingozi (Ink pot nudibranch)
Chromodoris sp3 (Domino dorid)
Echinoclathria dichotoma (Tree sponge)
Janolus capensis (Silvertip nudibranch)
Korsaranthus natalensis (Candy-striped anemone)
Marthasterias glacialis (Spiny starfish)
Octopus vulgaris (Common octopus)
Podoclavella spp-4 (Green choirboys)
Stereonephthya sp (Carnation tree coral)
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eastern cape scuba diving