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Dive Type: Boat Dive Depth: 16 - 19m Diver Qualification: Open Water Diver

This reef has a  sandy bottom and rock outcrops.   Main features of the reef are the wall, an archway and a swim through. The reef is situated a short distance, directly opposite the Noordhoek launch site.
Many fish tend to gather on this reef.   Most notably the Red Steenbras and Dageraad, both of whose numbers have been severely depleted due to over fishing. An occasional Raggie have been sighted on and around Mark 4. There is purple seaweed and good coral growth.

Noordhoek ski-boat club
Specie List for Dive site: (PE-WS)-Mark 4 The wall
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Acanthistius sebastoides (Common koester)
Amphiroa ephedraea (Horsetail algae)
Amphiura capensis (Equal-tailed brittlestar)
Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus (South African fur seal)
Argobuccinum pustulosum (Pustular triton)
Austrofromia schultzei (Granular starfish)
Bonisa nakaza-2 (Blue gas flame nudibranch)
Cheilodactylus pixi (Barred fingerfin)
Chromodoris sp3 (Domino dorid)
Ciona sp (Transparent ascidian)
Clathria dayi (Broad-bladed tree sponge)
Clavelina sp (Bluebell Tunicate)
Comanthus wahlbergi (Common feather star)
Doriopsilla miniata (Scribbled nudibranch)
Echinoclathria dichotoma (Tree sponge)
Ecklonia radiata (Spined kelp)
Eunicella papillosa (Nippled sea fan)
Flabellina capensis (White edged nudibranch)
Haliclona spp (Deadmans finger tree sponge)
Hypselodoris capensis-2 (Cream cape dorid)
Ircinia sp (Nodular cup sponge)
Janolus capensis (Silvertip nudibranch)
Oplegnathus conwayi (Cape knifejaw)
Peyssonnelia capensis (Red fan-weed)
Pseudodistoma digitum sp1 (Pienk digitum ascidian)
Spheciospongia sp (Vagabond sponge)
Thecocarpus formosus (Rusty feathered hydroid)
Tropiometra carinata (Elegant feather star)
Verongula spp-1 (Orange cup sponge)
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eastern cape scuba diving