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Dive Type: Boat Dive Depth: 18m - 28m Diver Qualification: Advanced Diver

Avalanche Wall
Avalanche is undoubtedly one of the best "temperate water" reefs in South Africa. Hard and Soft corals fight for space on this reef with the multitude of sea fans and sponges.

Avalanche is about 150m long and runs in a east-west direction. This dive spot has numerous walls and pinnacles rising from 28 meters up to 17 meters. The reef teems with fish. Game fish are often spotted along with the occasional shark.Variable soft corals grow here in abundance and gives the reef a predominantly purple colour.

Avalanche is also home to the Wildside divers mascot "Horace", a horse fish which is a very rare and peculiar fish mostly at depth and in cold water, but a few have made a home for themselves on the Wildside reefs.

Specie List for Dive site: (PE-WS)-Avalanche
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Acanthistius sebastoides (Common koester)
Alcyonium variabile (Variable soft coral)
Allopora nobilis (Noble coral)
Amphiroa ephedraea (Horsetail algae)
Anthostella sp. (Dwarf spotted anemone)
Anthostella stepensoni (Violet spotted anemone)
Aphelodoris brunnea-1 (Variable dorid)
Aphelodoris sp1 (Chocolate-chip dorid)
Astrocladus euryale (Basket star)
Austrofromia schultzei (Granular starfish)
Bornella adamsi (Dragon nudibranch)
Burnupena lagenaria (Large ridged burnupena)
Cabestana cutacea africana (Furry-ridged triton)
Calliaster baccatus (Cobbled Starfish)
Callyspongia sp-2 (Grey spiky tube sponge)
Capnella thyrsoidea (White cauliflower coral)
Caryophyllia spp (Large cup coral)
Chromodoris heatherae-1 (Red spotted dorid)
Clavelina sp (Bluebell Tunicate)
Clinus nematopterus (Chinese klipfish)
Eunicella albicans (Flagellar sea fan)
Gymnothorax johnsoni (White spotted moray eel)
Henricia ornata (Reticulated starfish)
Homophyton verrucosum (Finger sea fan)
Hypselodoris capensis-1 (White cape dorid)
Lecithophorus sp (Orange ghost nudibranch)
Petrus rupestris (Red steenbras)
Phakellia sp (Grey fan sponge)
Plumularia setacea (Plumbed hydroid)
Podoclavella spp-2 (Yellow choirboys)
Pseudactinia varia (Mauve false plum anemone)
Schizoretepora tesselata (Smooth lacy false coral)
Spirastrella sp (Orange wall sponge)
Tambja capensis (Black nudibranch)
Tropiometra carinata (Elegant feather star)
Tubulipora pulcherrima (Pore-tubed bryozoan)
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eastern cape scuba diving