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Dive Type: Boat Dive Depth: 12 - 18 m Diver Qualification: Open Water Diver

Ship Rock lies to the North-East of Shark Gulley.  The reef is in a "V" shape.  Where the two gullies meet, the rock formation resembles the bow of a ship.  Small drop-offs and crevices makes for an interesting dive.

Large colonies of Choir Boys can be seen.  Plenty of sponges and sea fans add colour to the reef.  Two-tone finger fins, Red fingers and Koesters are among the fish that can be found at this site

This is also the site where the first recorded photograph of the Puzzeld toadfish (Austrobatrachus foedus ) was photographed by one of our divers

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Specie List for Dive site: (PE-AB)-Shiprock
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Acabaria rubra (Multicoloured sea fan)
Alcyonium fauri-1 (Purple soft coral)
Alcyonium fauri-2 (Yellow soft coral)
Amphiura capensis (Equal-tailed brittlestar)
Anthothoe chilensis (Striped anemone)
Aphelodoris brunnea-1 (Variable dorid)
Aplidiopsis tubiferus (Tubiferus ascidian)
Arothron immaculatus (Blackedged puffer)
Ascidia incrassata-2 (Purple red spotted ascidian)
Astrocladus euryale (Basket star)
Atagema sp. (Frog nudbranch)
Atriolum marinense (Orange-tubular ascidian)
Austrobatrachus foedus (Puzzeld toadfish)
Austrofromia schultzei (Granular starfish)
Balanophyllia bonaespei (Small cup coral)
Bonisa nakaza-2 (Blue gas flame nudibranch)
Bugula neritina (Neritic moss animal)
Callyspongia sp-1 (Pienk spiky sponge)
Carcharias taurus (Ragged tooth shark)
Cellepora capensis (Cylindrical false coral)
Chaetodon dolosus (Blackedged butterflyfish)
Chaetodon marleyi (Doublesash butterflyfish)
Chaperia spp. (Scrolled false coral)
Cheilodactylus fasciatus (Red fingers)
Chromodoris heatherae-4 (Halo red spotted dorid)
Clathria dayi (Broad-bladed tree sponge)
Corynactis annulata-1 (Strawberry anemone)
Cratena sp 4 (Brown orange-eyed nudibranch)
Cratena sp1 (Elegant nudibranch)
Dictyota sp1 (Spotted dictyota)
Diplodus cervinus hottentotus (Zebra seabream)
Diplodus sargus capensis (Blacktail seabream)
Flabellina capensis (White edged nudibranch)
Galeicthys feliceps (Cape white catfish)
Haliclona oculata-1 (Purple encrusted turret sponge)
Homophyton verrucosum (Finger sea fan)
Iphimedia gibba (Hunchback amphipod)
Isodictya elastica (Brain sponge)
Isozoanthus capensis (Cape zoanthid)
Leptogorgia palma (Palmate sea fan)
Malacacanthus capensis (Sun burst soft coral)
Margaretta levinseni (Cactus-bush bryozoan)
Marginella piperata (Pinch-lipped marginella)
Octopus vulgaris (Common octopus)
Onchoporella buskii (Busk moss animal)
Ophionereis dubia (Y-Striped brittle star)
Ophionereis porrecta (Scaly-striped brittle star)
Ophiothrix fragilis (Hairy brittle star)
Pagurus liochelle (Blue-striped hermit crab)
Parazoanthus sp (Sponge Zoanthid)
Parechinus angulosus (Cape urchin)
Podoclavella spp-1 (Blue choirboys)
Podoclavella spp-5 (Bi-colour choirboys)
Pomadasys striatus (Striped grunter)
Poroderma pantherinum (Leopard catshark)
Pseudactinia varia (Mauve false plum anemone)
Pseudodistoma africanum (Toadstool ascidian)
Pupillaea aoerta-2 (Spotted manteled keyhole limpet)
Pyura stolonifera (Redbait)
Reteporella lata (Scollaped lacy false coral)
Sarpa salpa (Strepie)
Sepia tuberculata (Tuberculate cuttlefish)
Tethya spp1 (Light coloured golfball sponge)
Thysanozoon brocchii (Carpet flatworm)
Tsitsikamma spp (Tsitsikamma sponge)
Ulva spp (Sea lettuce)
Verongula spp-1 (Orange cup sponge)
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