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Dive Type: Boat dive Depth: 12-40m Diver Qualification: Advanced


This stunning dive is situated approximately 21 km offshore and approximately 45 minutes by boat. Riy Banks is a very popular fishing area with an abundance of fish, game fish and sharks.

Pinnacles rising from the ocean bed are within ten meters of the surface. Large fish and soft corals characterize this truly magnificent reef. The remote location often has good visibility and suits the more adventurous and experienced diver. Visibility ranges between 15 - 35 meters Riy Banks lies in the form of a horse shoe, with deep drop offs, gullies to swim through with the pinnacles ranging from 16m - 35 meters.

Game fish such as yellow tail, ragged tooth sharks and bronze whaler sharks are frequent visitors in summer. The sight of dolphins and whales that greets you on the way to this reef is one of the few added bonuses


Specie List for Dive site: (PE-AB)-Riy Banks
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Acabaria rubra (Multicoloured sea fan)
Adeonellopsis maendrina (Brown pore-plated false coral)
Alcyonium sp (Flame coral)
Alcyonium variabile (Variable soft coral)
Allopora nobilis (Noble coral)
Anthostella sp. (Dwarf spotted anemone)
Anthostella stepensoni (Violet spotted anemone)
Aphelodoris brunnea-3 (Caramel dorid)
Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus (South African fur seal)
Atriolum marinense (Orange-tubular ascidian)
Austrofromia schultzei (Granular starfish)
Bonisa nakaza-1 (Gas flame nudibranch)
Botryllus closionis (Fenced ascidian)
Centroberyx spinosus (Short alfosino)
Cheilodactylus pixi (Barred fingerfin)
Chromodoris heatherae-1 (Red spotted dorid)
Chromodoris sp3 (Domino dorid)
Congiopodus spinifer (Spinenose horse fish)
Dendrophyllia spp (Turret coral)
Doriopsilla miniata (Scribbled nudibranch)
Eunicella albicans (Flagellar sea fan)
Eunicella tricoronata (Sinuous sea fan)
Halgerda dichromis (Mosaic dorid)
Haploblepharus edwardsii (Puffadder shyshark)
Henricia ornata (Reticulated starfish)
Homophyton verrucosum (Finger sea fan)
Hypselodoris capensis-1 (White cape dorid)
Korsaranthus natalensis (Candy-striped anemone)
Mola mola (Opensea-sunfish)
Nevianipora pulcherrima (Beauteous bryozoan)
Octopus vulgaris (Common octopus)
Oplegnathus conwayi (Cape knifejaw)
Panulirus homarus (East coast rock lobster)
Pelagia noctiluca (Night-light jelly fish)
Peyssonnelia capensis (Red fan-weed)
Phyllodesmium horridus (Coral nudibranch)
Podoclavella spp-5 (Bi-colour choirboys)
Poroderma pantherinum (Leopard catshark)
Pupillaea aoerta-2 (Spotted manteled keyhole limpet)
Pupillaea aoerta-6 (Brown camo manteled keyhole limpet)
Pupillaea aoerta-8 (One coloured manteled keyhole limpet)
Queubus jamesanus (White sock sea spider)
Solanderia procumbens (Fan hydroid)
Spheniscus dermersus (Jackass penguin)
Tropiometra carinata (Elegant feather star)
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