eastern cape scuba diving
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Dive Type: Shore dive Depth: 2m Diver Qualification: Snorkel

Along the coastline of the Eastern Cape is a lot tidal and rock pools.

Some are natural and others manmade

Tidal pools are included in this website since

  • it is the spawnig area for many species and
  • certain species only exist in very shallow water
  • It also give the opportuniy for snorkellers to contribute to this website
The best known manmade tidal pools

  • Willows Resort
  • Willows Grove
  • Three pools


Specie List for Dive site: (PE-WS)-Tidal pools
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Actinia equina (Plum anemone)
Amphipholis squamata (Scaly-armed brittlestar)
Aplysia parvula (Dwarf sea hare)
Balanoglossus capensis (Cape acorn worm)
Berthellina granulata (Lemon pleurobranch)
Botryocarpa prolifera (Blackspot red algae)
Chiton tulipa (Tulip chiton)
Codium stephensiae (Stephen's codiums)
Dinoplax gigas (Giant chiton)
Diogenes brevirostris (Common sand hermit crab)
Haliotis midae (Abalone)
Helcion pruinosus (Rayed limpet)
Ischnochiton oniscus (Dwarf chtion)
Leathesia difformis (Brown brains)
Lyengaria stellata (Starred cushion)
Palaemon pacificus (Sand shrimp)
Parechinus angulosus (Cape urchin)
Patiriella exigua (Dwarf cushion starfish)
Planocera gilchristi (Spotted flatworm)
Planocera spp (Tiger flatworm)
Rowia stephensoni (Stephenson's sea cucumber)
Siphonaria concinna (Cape false limpet)
Sparodon durbanensis (Musselcracker bream)
Telothelepus capenis (Spaghetti worm)
Turbo sarmaticus (Periwinkle)
Velella velella (By-the-wind sailor)
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eastern cape scuba diving