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Dive Type: Boat Dive Depth: 12m - 20m Diver Qualification: Open Water Diver

Scotsmans Reef
The reef was named after the first big fish the divers has seen, the Scotsman.This reef is covered in both hard and soft coral. Red-bait pods cover the top of the main pinnacle. On the western side the wall has a sheer drop of 10m.  A beautiful sand gulley stretches the full length of the reef.  This site is excellent for divers doing macro photography.

Silver and Gas Flame Nudibranchs can be found in abundance here.  This site is excellent, if you are looking for very rare nudibranchs. A wide variety of sea anemones covers the wall.  Miss Lucy's, Scotsman's and Cape Knifejaws are just some of the fish that frequent this area.

Juan Snyman

Also known as Moonie
Moonie, is the Wildsides latest discovery and is certainly a great dive for all, even advanced divers. Situated between Mark 4 and Suicide Reef, its central point is a red bait decked mound with deep cracks or crevices and a wall dropping off to a sandy bottom on the land side of the “mound”.

Truly spectacular with all the purple seaweed which waves back and forth hiding small and big Rock Cod, bronze Bream, Hottentot and a variety of reef fish. Colourful Nudi Branchs can also be spotted by the more attentive diver and extends from Moonie itself further out to sea with all shapes and sizes of gullies and rock formation.

On a sunny day the white bottom  sand reminds one of the tropical waters (but not quite as warm!)

Of particular interest is the variation of rock gullies and white sandy bottom which coupled with fish life actually makes it easy and relaxing to dive during most weather conditions.
Noordhoek ski-boat club


Specie List for Dive site: (PE-WS)-Scotsmans Reef/Moonie
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Acabaria rubra (Multicoloured sea fan)
Acanthistius sebastoides (Common koester)
Alcyonium sp (Flame coral)
Alcyonium valdivian (Valdivian soft coral)
Allopora nobilis (Noble coral)
Amphiroa ephedraea (Horsetail algae)
Anthopleura sp1 (Pale long-tentacled anemone)
Anthostella stepensoni (Violet spotted anemone)
Aphelodoris sp3 (Spiky dorid)
Ascidia incrassata-1 (Red spotted ascidian)
Astrocladus euryale (Basket star)
Astrocladus euryale-1 (Albino basket star)
Atrina squamifera (Horse mussel)
Atriolum marinense (Orange-tubular ascidian)
Austrofromia schultzei (Granular starfish)
Balanophyllia bonaespei (Small cup coral)
Bornella adamsi (Dragon nudibranch)
Calliaster baccatus (Cobbled Starfish)
Callyspongia sp-2 (Grey spiky tube sponge)
Capnella thyrsoidea (White cauliflower coral)
Ceratosoma ingozi (Ink pot nudibranch)
Charonia lampas pustulata (Pink lady)
Cheilodactylus pixi (Barred fingerfin)
Cheilosporum multifidum (Arrowhead coralline)
Chirodactylus grandis (Bank steenbras)
Chromodoris heatherae-1 (Red spotted dorid)
Chromodoris sp3 (Domino dorid)
Chrysoblephus gibbiceps (Red stumpnose)
Chrysoblephus laticeps (Red roman)
Ciocalypta penicillus (White pencil sponge)
Ciona sp (Transparent ascidian)
Clathria dayi (Broad-bladed tree sponge)
Clinus superciliosus (Super klipfish)
Clinus venustris (Speckeld klipfish)
Comanthus wahlbergi (Common feather star)
Congiopodus torvus (Smooth horse fish)
Corynactis annulata-2 (Red strawberry anemone)
Cratena sp 4 (Brown orange-eyed nudibranch)
Cremnochorites capensis (Cape triplefin)
Crithe algoensis (Blue rounded marginella)
Cuthona sp7 (Blue candy nudibranch)
Cuthona speciosa-1 (Green candy nudibranch)
Dichotomaria tenera (Flat galaxaura)
Didemnum spp-1 (Blue latice ascidian)
Diplodus cervinus hottentotus (Zebra seabream)
Echinoclathria dichotoma (Tree sponge)
Ecklonia radiata (Spined kelp)
Epinephelus marginatus (Yellowbelly rockcod)
Eudendruim spp (Bushy hydroid)
Flabellina capensis (White edged nudibranch)
Flabellina funeka (Purple lady nudibranch)
Galeicthys feliceps (Cape white catfish)
Gargamella sp1 (Ocellate dorid)
Glossodoris sp4 (Lady Elizabeth nudibranch)
Gymnocrotaphus curvidens (Janbruin)
Haploblepharus fuscus (Brown shyshark)
Henricia ornata (Reticulated starfish)
Hypselodoris capensis-1 (White cape dorid)
Iphimedia gibba (Hunchback amphipod)
Ircinia sp (Nodular cup sponge)
Janolus capensis (Silvertip nudibranch)
Jorunna tomentosa (Velvet dorid)
Leucosolenia spp (White tube sponge)
Loligo vulgaris reynaudii (Choka)
Malacacanthus capensis (Sun burst soft coral)
Marthasterias glacialis (Spiny starfish)
Octopus vulgaris (Common octopus)
Okenia amoenula (Fiery nudibranch)
Oplegnathus conwayi (Cape knifejaw)
Parazoanthus sp (Sponge Zoanthid)
Pelagia noctiluca (Night-light jelly fish)
Peyssonnelia capensis (Red fan-weed)
Pinctada capensis (Cape pearl oyster)
Plagusia chabrus (Cape rock crab)
Plocamium corallorhiza (Coral plocamium)
Podoclavella spp-1 (Blue choirboys)
Podoclavella spp-3 (Orange choirboys)
Polycera sp. (Single crowned Nudibranch)
Polyclinum isipingense (Isipingense ascidian)
Poroderma africanum (Pyjama catshark)
Poroderma pantherinum (Leopard catshark)
Pseudactinia flagellifera (Red false plum anemone)
Pseudactinia varia (Mauve false plum anemone)
Pseudoceros sp2 (Blue frilled flatworm)
Pseudodistoma digitum sp1 (Pienk digitum ascidian)
Pseudodistoma digitum sp2 (Yellow digitum ascidian)
Rhinobatos annulatus (Lesser sandshark)
Schizoretepora tesselata (Smooth lacy false coral)
Spheciospongia sp (Vagabond sponge)
Spirastrella sp (Orange wall sponge)
Staurozoa sp (Colonial stalked jellyfish)
Stelletta sp (Grey wall sponge)
Sycozoa spp-4 (Bi-colour fan ascidian)
Tambja capensis (Black nudibranch)
Tetrazona porrecta (Foam ascidian)
Tropiometra carinata (Elegant feather star)
Verongula spp-1 (Orange cup sponge)
Watersipora subovoidea (Subovoid bryozoan)
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