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Hi to all our subscribers!

Welcome to all the new subscribers and contributors to the website.The website continue to grow steadily month to month

We are very excited here in Port Elizabeth as the time is near for the annual Noordhoek Dive Fest starting on the 16 -18 June 2011.

We hope to see you there!

View our “Recently added” on the website to view all the new additions, and thank you for our photographers that is sending us these very interesting little critters! 

The following species made our news section

Acanthistius joanae (Whiteblotched koester) 

Staurozoa sp (Colonial stalked jellyfish) <News>
Autolytus charcoti (Ringed sylid worm) <News> 
Piseinotecus sp. (Jacoby nudibranch)      <News>





Take note of these rarely seen species  

Centroberyx spinosus (Short alfosino)

Nymphon signatum-1 (Scarlet sea spider)


Congratulations to the winners of our photography competitions

(October 2010)

Best database contribution  Glen Jacoby (View) 
Best specie photograph  Craig Arnold (View) 
(December  2010)    
Best database contribution Neal Bruton (View) 
Best specie photograph Bennie Longhow (View) 

Well done and keep the contributions coming 

Upcoming events:

  • Noordhoek Divefest 16 -18 June 2011.Follow the link below to find out more about this event and booking information




For those who are interested in learning more about PE’S Reef ecology and fish life; the brand new 'Marine' course is now available from ELITE SCUBA SCHOOL , presented by Evania Lombard.

Once again thank you to our sponsors and contributors. Without you this website is not possible 

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