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We at Eastern Cape Scuba Diving want to welcome all of you to this new exciting website.
The website has grown significantly since its conception in April 2009 with the help of all the photographers and especially Johan, who has put a lot of effort into this project. Also a very special thanks to all our scientists that are helping us to identify various species, without you none of this would have been possible.

This is our first newsletter, so open up the champagne and celebrate with us!
Since this is the first newsletter we would like you to tell us what you would like to be published in it every 3 months.
It is so amazing what we have discovered since we really started looking at our reefs and not just swimming from point A to point B. 



We have discovered fish like the Pleated toadfish(Chatrabus felinus) and  the Puzzeld toadfish(Austrobatrachus foedus) that has not been photographed in Port Elizabeth before



Various new Nudibranch species have also “snailed” their way into our database

Not to mention the many sponges and ascidians such as the Bluebell Tunicate(Clavelina sp) that remains a bit of a problem to identify.
EC Scuba Diving has also bought a few second hand cameras that can be rented out, or even bought, to provide new photographers the opportunity to enjoy underwater photography and be able to take part in our bi-monthly photography competition with many prize to be won. 
We will soon be launching a new DVD Series of PE’s dive sites.
A brand new 'Marine' course will soon be introduced as well, for those of you that may want to study marine science but never had the opportunity or for those who simply want to learn more about our fantastic reefs and ocean.

This course will be presented by Evania Lombard.
Thus we have a lot of new and exciting events lined up to improve knowledge of our reefs, and will keep you updated


Until our next newsletter



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