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   Cauliflower soft coral.jpg  
Grey cauliflower coral
(Capnella spp)
White cauliflower coral
(Capnella thyrsoidea)
Carnation tree coral
(Stereonephthya sp)
Golden-stem soft coral
(Eleutherobia sp)
 Sun Burst.jpg  Ball Coral.jpg  P1011171.JPG  Dendrophyllia spp.jpg
Sun Burst Soft Coral
(Malacacanthus capensis)
 Flame coral
(Alcyonium sp)
Valdivian soft coral
(Alcyonium Valdivian)
Turret coral
(Dendrophyllia spp)
Variable_soft_ coral.jpg      
 Variable soft coral
(Alcyonium variabile)
Purple soft coral
(Alycyonium fauri-1)
Yellow soft coral
(Alycyonium fauri-2)
Orange soft coral
(Alycyonium fauri-3)
Bicoloured soft coral
(Alycyonium fauri-4)

Link : Corals  of the Eastern Cape

The Alcyonacea, or the soft corals are an order of corals which do not produce calcium carbonate skeletons and so are neither reef-building corals nor do they lay new foundations for future corals. Instead they contain minute, spiney skeletal elements called sclerites. Aside from their scientific utility in species identification, sclerites give these corals some degree of support and give their flesh a spiky, grainy texture that deters predators.

Unlike stony corals, most soft corals thrive in nutrient-rich waters with less light intensity. Almost all utilize zooxanthella as a major energy source. However, most will readily eat any free floating food, such as brine shrimp, out of the water column.

Many soft corals are easily collected in the wild for the reef aquarium hobby, as small cuttings are less prone to infection or damage during shipping than stony corals. Nevertheless, home-grown specimens are more practical. Soft corals grow quickly in captivity and are easily divided into new individuals, and so those grown via aquaculture are often hardier and less expensive than imported corals from the wild. The most common example of this is various species of Actinodiscus, especially common red mushroom coral.




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