noumea dorid
Saturday 1st November 2014

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Noumea sp
Common Name       Noumea Dorid
Photgrapher Johan Swanepoel
Dive Site (PE-AB)-Phillips Reef
Date 24/06/2014
Depth 12m
Size 20mm









Remarks from the Southern Underwater Research Group
Guido Zsilavecz
Hi Johan:
Got a pic from Danie Retief of this same species (white dorid, orange-tipped rhinophores.)
I went and looked again, and there's a species, Noumea sp. - i.e. undescribed, in Gosliner's Indo-Pacific nudibranchs and seaslugs, which is found in Natal and is similar - differences are a few orange spots, and a thin orange line around the margin - I would guess the one you sent me is a variation on that topic - likely new species, but also a Noumea.

Guido Zsilavecz
Chief naturalist
Southern Underwater Research Group
Hi Guido

Need your help again
I photgraphed this nudi this morning and cannot ID it
It was about 15mm long and in 16m waters
My first thought was Lady Elizabeth (Glossodoris sp4) then Velvet dorid
(Jorunna tomentosa) but the orange end of the rhinophores got me

Can you help




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noumea dorid