spondyliosoma emarginatum (steentjie)
Spondyliosoma emarginatum (Steentjie)
Thursday 17th October 2013

Spondyliosoma emarginatum
Common Name Steentjie
Photgrapher Jarred Ryan Nosworthy 
Dive Site (PE-AB)-Bellbuoy reef
Date 2013-11-107
Depth 14 m
Size 230mm






Jarred Ryan Nosworthy  took these photos of this fish and ask me to identify it
I saw it once before on a photo Sharon Clark took a year or two ago and
I could not identify it then


So I decided to ask some help of my friend I know that know

This is no mistery fish
This is the common Spondyliosoma emarginatum (Steentjie)

but read further

Hi Johan!

At 20-25 cm this is a male streentjie in breeding colours!
Normally silver, during breeding time they start getting these dark 
bars, and start protecting their nesting site, ferociously - it's 
worth your while to see if yo can spot any, then observe - it's one of 
the few very obvious mating behaviours in our waters, and fascinating!


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spondyliosoma emarginatum (steentjie)