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Friday 18th February 2011

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Our website was mentioned in the EAST COAST FISH-WATCH REPORT • JAN - DEC 2010


East Coast Scuba

Many keen fish watchers start up websites in order to share their photos
and the wonder of their experiences underwater. Although people do
not automatically think of the Eastern Cape as a prime diving area, the
local divers relish the challenge of their local conditions, fauna and
reefs. One of the Eastern Cape websites to try is:


The main purpose of this website is to promote the biodiversity
of the coastline of the Eastern Cape and to create a unique visual
species database. It tries to cater for the scientist and the non-scientist
by being as user friendly as possible. The secondary purpose is to
provide Eastern Cape scuba divers with an opportunity to contribute
to a database of species in the area, some of which are endemic to the
Eastern Cape. It is a means to assist scientists in collecting raw data
for further studies and a tool for fishwatchers to help identify species
more easily. It is also a forum to display photographs and videos and
information about various Eastern Cape dive sites.























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