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Monday 18th April 2011

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Title Dr
First Name: Maria Alice
Last Name: Carvalho Reis
Email Address: macreis1@yahoo.com.b


Our institution is named CEDERJ ( http://www.cederj.edu.br/fundacao/ ) and belongs to group CECIERJ, a govermental public consortium which is dedicated to teach graduated courses in Brazil, without any profits.

We are preparing classes for teaching Biology at distance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, based on animations, videos and photos. We would appreciate very much if you could provide us your authorization for using the image http://www.easterncapescubadiving.co.za/index.php?page_name=specie&specie_id=364  for undetermined time in our non-profit educational material including our multimedia database Teca (with Creative Commons license – http://www.cederj.edu.br/fundacao/). We commit ourselves to properly credit the material and use it only at CEDERJ´s educational material. Please, find below a description of the educational aims of consortium CEDERJ.

Thank you very much for your attention, and please contact us if you need any further information. Sincerely, Maria Alice de Carvalho Reis, Ph.D CECIERJ FOUNDATION / CEDERJ CONSORTIUM Av. Visconde de Niterói 1364 - Mangueira Rio de Janeiro - Brazil More information: CECIERJ - Science and Distance Learning Foundation of Rio de Janeiro is the support foundation for the consortium CEDERJ, which is a consortium of six public universities (UERJ, UNIRIO, UENF, UFRJ, UFF, UFRRJ) located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The consortium aims to offer high quality distance public higher education. By offering undergraduate distance learning courses, the consortium CEDERJ:

a.. Contributes to bringing high quality free higher education in the inner cities of the Rio de Janeiro State.

b.. Contributes to make higher education possible for those who can not study within the time/schedule of standard universities.

The consortium CEDERJ works by building local centers distributed across the state. The courses quality is ensured by the consortium and by the face-to-face and distance tutoring system. Our courses are based on online courses, printed material and CDs, whose content is enriched by images, videos, audio, links, texts, programs, simulators,etc. All our courses are given at no charge for the subsidized so as to minimize the cost to the student. Therefore, CEDERJ s educational material is a non-profit one. We would also like to inform that the access to the online courses is restricted through logins and individual passwords to the students of the CEDERJ consortium
























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