ringed sylid worm
Saturday 18th December 2010

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Ringed sylid worm
Common Name       (Autolytus charcoti)
Photgrapher Gerald Smith
Dive Site (PE)-Bellbuoy reef
Date 18/12/2010
Depth 15m
Size 60mm





Remarks from the Southern Underwater Research Group  (http:/www.Surg.co.za)

Georgina Jones

Autolytus charcoti (Ringed sylid worm)

Hi Johan
In fact it has undergone a genus change and is now known as Epigamia charcoti (Gravier, 1906)


Hi Georgina
I can now be more precise: It is indeed a syllid, and its name is Autolytus charcoti (or, at least, that is the name John Day uses for it; it may have changed genus since them. John Day had only three records, so its quite a find!


Hi Johan,
Here's what George Branch says about your segmented worm
I am pretty confident it is a polychate and that it belongs to the family Syllidae


Hi George,
Any ideas on this beastie?

Best wishes

Hi Georgina 
Can you help me to id this worm or put me on the right track to investigate further through your scientist friends.We  only get as far as a segmented worm 

























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ringed sylid worm