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Orange encrusted turret sponge
(Haliclona oculta-2)
Purple encrusted turret sponge
(Haliclona oculta-3)
 Brain sponge
(Isodictya sp)
Grey boring sponge
(Cliona spp-1)
Brown crater sponge
(Cliona spp-2 )
Crumb of bread sponge
(Hymeniacidon perlevis)
 Tsitsikamma sponge
(Tsitsikamma spp)

The encrusting sponges grows to about 1 cm thick. It is a thinly encrusting sponge which is highly variable in both shape and colour. It may be encrusting with small turrets or form branching structures with tall turrets

These sponges lives from the subtidal zone and down to at least 15m underwater. It may encrust mussels or other hard surfaces or be found under stones in sheltered to moderately exposed areas.

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porifera(encrusted sponge menu)