piseinotecus sp.
Piseinotecus sp. (Jacoby nudibranch)
Saturday 11th December 2010

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Piseinotecus sp.
Common Name       Jacoby nudibranch
Photgrapher Glen Jacoby
Dive Site (PE)-Phillips Reef
Date 11/12/2010
Depth 12m
Size 8mm





Remarks from the Southern Underwater Research Group  (http:/www.Surg.co.za)

Guido Zsilavecz

 Piseinotecus sp. (Jacoby nudibranch)

Hi Johan!
I got a reply from Dave Behrens, and he reckons it is more primitive than a
Cuthona, and says it might be Piseinotecus sp. - undescribed, Indo-Pacific, but
no record from SA thusfar.(http://slugsite.us/bow2007/nudwk659.htm)
I just got a book from Dave as well, "Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs",
by Behrens, Gosliner and Valdes - we exchange books , and this is a very nice book.
In the book the species shown looks quite similar, much like the one you
found. I guess only a specimen will sort that out!

Hi Johan!
Yes, after looking at the nudipixel site I have to agree - T. behrensi to
a T! I know Dave Behrens (who probably discovered it, hence the name), so I
can forward it to him and maybe he can answer? He knows Terry Gosliner and
others well, and they live close together. Oh, the photo on nudipixel (same as
on sea slug forum
) is unique - they say it has been described from a single
specimen by Alicia Hermosillo and Angel Valdez - the latter I met when he was
here with Terry Gosliner

Hi Guido
Can't find it in my books . First thought was yellow candy nudi but click on
the link http://www.nudipixel.net/species/trinchesia_behrensi/
Trinchesia behrensi  Also known as: Cuthona behrensi
On nudipixels only one photo but from Panama
Can it be?

























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