whiteblotched koester
Acanthistius joanae (Whiteblotched koester)
Monday 15th November 2010

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Whiteblotched koester
Common Name       (Acanthistius Joanae)
Photgrapher Neal Bruton
Dive Site (PE)-Shark Gully
Date 14/11/2010
Depth 12m
Size 300mm





Remarks from East Coast Fish-Watch Project(http://fishwatch.tripod.com/)

Elaine Heemstra 

 Acanthistius joanae (Whiteblotched koester)

Hi Johan

Yes, the photographs are of the whiteblotch koester and it now has a name, Acanthistius joanae. The species was in Smiths as Acanthistius sp but my husband Phil always told his research assistant Joan Wright that he would name it after her. Joan retired to Port Alfred a few years back & was heard to say that she would probably be dead by the time Phil got around to naming the koester. Anyway Phil finally wrote his description of the new species and how it differed from other Acanthistius species & it was published this year - at least 25 years after the fish was first collected off Port Alfred. 


Hi Elaine  

Attached some photos of a fish for confirmation
Taken by  Dr.Neal Bruton on 14/11/2010 at Sharkgully (Bellbouy) in Algoa Bay in about 12m Specie about 30cm
Is this the Whiteblotch koester (Acanthistius sp) 


For more information click link below

Taxonomic Review of the perciform fish genus Acanthistius from the east coast of southern Africa, with description of a new species and designation of a neotype for Serranus sebastoides Castelnau, 1861

























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whiteblotched koester