cephalodiscus gilchristi
Sunday 18th July 2010

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Cephalodiscus gilchristi
We were honoured with a visit by Prof Chris Cameron from University of Montréal, Canada who is looking for specimens of Cephalodiscus gilchristi. Unfortunately we have not found this strange looking creature on our dives with him so please be on the lookout and forward any information or photos of this specie to us to assist him in his research

Hello ECSD

Attached is a photo that I've just received from a biologist in SA.  She says that the a Cephalodiscus colony is about the length of a pencil.  To give you an idea of scale and sympatric species, Cephalodiscus is in the bottom row, 5th animal from the left.

I've also found a reference to divers collecting Cephalodiscus by SCUBA (ca. 20 m) in the Indian Ocean off Southeast Africa.  I've just spoken to the author and he does not know the location.

Chris Cameron 






























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cephalodiscus gilchristi