pelagic seasquirt
Salpa sp (Salpa)
Monday 28th June 2010

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Salpa sp
Common Name       Salpa
Photgrapher Riaan Rossouw
Dive Site Three Sisters (East Londen)
Date 06/06/2010
Depth 6m
Size 1m





Remarks from the Southern Underwater Research Group  (http:/

Guido Zsilavecz

Salpa sp (Salpa)

The salpa has  a transparent test that encloses the cylindrical body, and may be relatively thick and tough with projections and keels,using rhythmic contractions of bands of circular muscles within the body wall for locomotion.Salps can form massive aggregations of millions of individuals that may play a significant role in marine ecosystems. They exhibit among the fastest growth rates of any multicellular organism.

What makes this sighting unique is that the salpa seldom visit shallow waters

Guido Zsilavecz
Southern Underwater Research Group



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pelagic seasquirt