unidentified fish
Unidentified fish
Wednesday 30th September 2009

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Species Uknown
Common Name       Unknown
Photgrapher Johan Swanepoel
Dive Site Scotsmans Reef/Moonie
Date 26/09/2009
Time 13h33
Depth 18m
Size 10cm





Remarks from East Coast Fish-Watch Project(http://fishwatch.tripod.com/)

Elaine Heemstra 

Hi Johan








I’m afraid that blue & yellow fish has us stumped. Perhaps from a different angle it might be easier [preferably with its fins up!] – seriously, if you do see it again try to take more photos.


Hi Elaine
Can you help me id this fish
I got no idea
I photograph this fish on the 26/09/2009 at 13:33 at a depth of about 18m
It was about 10cm long
I first thought it was a juvenile musselcracker but their tail is yellow not half of the body
I also took a photo of the fish swimming with his/hers friend but this fish was totaly grey
Unfortunately the photo of the two together is out if focus



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unidentified fish