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Evania is a young vibrant upcoming Marine Biologist.Image3.jpg She was born and raised in Roodepoort ,Johannesburg,South Africa.

From a young age she became intrigued in nature. and any book she could find about nature she red. Through this she discovered the oceans and was amazed by how everything works and developed a deep desire to understand its complexity.

She lived in Roodepoort till the age of 19 where she moved to Port Elizabeth to start her degree in marine science at UPE now Nelson Mandela University.
While she was busy with her degree she would notice divers entering the ocean, and new that is what she wanted to do as well, to explore the unknown.
Once she went under she did not want to return to land…

In 2004 she completed her NAUI Open Water Instructor course to share her passion with others. Since then, while studying she also obtained her Qualification as a PADI Open Water Instructor and specialities such as Naturalist, Wreck, Photographer, Nitrox diver, just to mention a few. In 2009 she obtained her qualification as a SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor. She also obtained her skippers licence in 2010 to add to her list of qualifications.

While studying and working as a Scuba Instructor  she still found the opportunities to explore the reefs of Port Elizabeth. She became especially fascinated by the Nudibranchs she found on the reef.

Since 2007 she has been specializing in these animals focusing on their distribution and identifications. She motivated others as well to look for these amazing animals. She now has a large database of Nudibranchs found in Port Elizabeth-  over 50 species, and are still finding new species! Fifteen of the species she has on record has not been described by scientists yet and hope to do so as soon as she is qualified.

She has been giving numerous presentations to create awareness of Nudibranchs and all the secrets PE reefs hold. She also produced a DVD-Nudibranchs of Port Elizabeth, to aid in funding her studies.

Since she found it difficult to identify the Nudibranchs and other invertebrates, due to the lack of books focusing on temperate reefs, she had a urge to create a means of helping others and young scientists like herself to aid in her education of our reefs.

In 2009 this website was born with the help of two other divers that shared the same passion.- a website to promote the biodiversity of the reefs in Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape.

While Evania is enjoying Port Elizabeth reefs and secrets it unfolds she continues sharing her passion with others and continuing her studies to become a marine biologist. She is known as one of the best and most experienced Instructors in the Eastern Cape. 


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