undescribed fingerfin
Unidentifeid fingerfin
Wednesday 31st December 2008

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Species Chirodacttylus Sp
Common Name       Undescribed fingerfin
Photgrapher Juan Snyman
Dive Site Shiprock
Date 03/12/2008
Time 20h09
Depth 14-16 m
Size 15-20 cm





Remarks from East Coast Fish-Watch Project(http://fishwatch.tripod.com/)

Elaine Heemstra 

Hi Elaine

I cannot Id this finger fin
It cannot be Cheildactylus faciatus(Redfingers) since there is no stripes on the tail or any bars on the body and it
Cannot be Cheildactylus pixi (Barred fingerfin) since there is no bars on the body
I can see it is a fingerfin on the fins and the shape of the fish but is coloration baffles me
What am I missing.Can you help please
Hi Johan

I am a bit baffled too, it definitely is a fingerfin, the body looks more like fasciatus to me but…….!! I am not sure whether it is a hybrid. Some fish families hybridise easily but I don’t know whether fingerfins do.
Phil is off today with flu. I will ask him when he returns to work & get back to you. It is a great photo though.
Can you send me the usual photographer, locality details if you don’t mind us adding it to the database?



Please tell Johan I agree with his argument re the identity of this fingerfin. Please ask him to catch a couple of specimens for us and keep them frozen until we can collect them.
Where was this photographed?

Best regards, -- Phil

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undescribed fingerfin