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The main purpose of this website is to promote the biodiversity of the coastline of the Eastern Cape and to create a unique visual specie database thereof

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The secondary purpose is provide to scuba divers in the Eastern Cape with

 an opportunity to contribute to a unique visual database of species
 a means to assist scientists in collecting raw data for further studies
 a tool to identify species
 a forum to display their photographs and videos
 information about dive sites
 general information about scuba diving

After all this will be a fun website for everyone where they would be able to promote and contribute towards the promotion of the Eastern Cape coastline

All  photographs on this site is subject to copyright .In order to use any photograph on this site , permission must be obtained

Tubulanus annulatus (Banded ribbonworm)
Tubulanus annulatus (Banded ribbonworm)
Thursday 17th October 2013
Glen Jacoby took these photographs of the Tubulanus annulatus (Banded ribbonworm) at Phillips reef on 07/09/2013 It seems that this is a visitor from Europe in our waters
Noumea Dorid
Saturday 1st November 2014
Johan Swanepoel photographed this nudibranch at Table Mountain - Phillips Reef on 24/06/2014 It seem to be a new undescribed specie for this area - Noumea sp
(Aegires sp) Knobbly nudbranch
Aegires sp (Knobbly nudbranch)
Sunday 16th November 2014
Gerhard Naude took these photos of this nudi and ask if we can identify it Yes it is the Knobbly nudbranch (Aegires sp) It is a rare specie to find due to it small size
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eastern cape scuba diving